Professional communications and public relations services.

Vera Voce provides professional communications and public relations services.

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Vera Voce means "True Voice"


Your true voice makes it clear what distinguishes you from competition. It builds and reinforces market leadership.

I dive deep, and work in close collaboration with clients to leverage the power of their true voice and generate results with press, analysts, influencers, partners and customers.

My approach encompasses press outreach that produces coverage, social media content that engages your target audiences and copy writing that sparks engagement.

Twenty years of agency and corporate experience coupled with a passion for efficiency and relentless execution enables me to deliver exceptional results and value. I build awareness, support sales and help maximize clients' market share, and “share of voice”.


Vera Voce has deep expertise in a range of industries including

  • tech (software, SaaS, hardware, Cloud, IoT, security, network performance, digital services, apps, training)

  • financial services

  • international / cross-cultural PR & brand communication

  • life sciences, healthcare

  • crowdsourcing, collaborative innovation

  • fitness, health, wellness

  • retail

  • architecture, design, building

  • parenting, children

  • food, beverage

  • manufacturing

  • aerospace

  • business-to-business

  • business-to-consumer


What clients have to say

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Public Relations


PR creates visibility and brand recognition, shapes market perception, educates buyers, and influences the influencers. It empowers you to dominate your target market. Yet, 44% of journalists get pitched a minimum of twenty times per day. Work with an experienced professional if your goal is a successful PR program and consistent press coverage.

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Social Media


Your presence on social media should align to complement your PR and overall communications strategy, and brand identity – and ultimately propel your business goals. Vera Voce can provide counsel, recommendations and a road map for your social media presence, managing or overseeing it.

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Copy Writing


Well-crafted copy can make the difference between initiating a long and valuable relationship with a customer, key influencer, analyst or blogger – or being completely overlooked.

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80% of media coverage is influenced by public relations.

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Vera Voce Founder

Jacqueline Lucas


Jackie has twenty years of professional communication and PR experience, and a passion for crafting client stories to support growth and brand differentiation. She enjoys untangling complex communications challenges and creating a direct path to results-driving, dialog with press, customers, partners and investors.

She has worked in PR and marketing agencies on both coasts of the U.S., Venture Capital and Private Equity, large corporations and startups that need to build fast from the ground up. At Vera Voce, she extracts wisdom from all her experience, and leverages it on behalf of clients to optimize their success.

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